Volume Pricing and Still Fulfill Lower Quantity Needs!

Fulfilling lower quantity needs like: 

Your having a training meeting at the South East Regional Office for 12 staff members.  It's difficult to find twelve promotional items that will help motivate and inspire them and tie it all back to your brand and brand message. 

A local charitable organization is having a great event you would like to support and you need 75 items for less than $3.00 each.  Another tough one to solve especially when you consider setup charges, less than minimum charges, and inbound freight.

You have a booth and every detail taken care of for your promotional event but its next week and you just discovered that no one ordered any logo'd items for the event.  As good as we are at Garment Graphics at handling rush orders; we have never recommended them as a strategy.

These are just a few examples that a fulfillment store can help solve.  You also have the added benefits of volume pricing, brand control, budget control and 24/7 access to place your orders.


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