Group Ordering

Save the time and money involved with ordering for groups!

We all know that time is just as valuable as money.  Typically putting together an order for a group involves designating someone to organize all the details.  That means taking someone away from their primary responsibility to track down everyone and put together the order.  Volunteer groups many times have difficulty finding that detail orientated person with some extra time to take on the responsibility.  Garment Graphics can handle all the details with an online site for Group Ordering.  Our clients use Group Ordering for:

  • Seasonal Staff Orders
  • Spiritwear orders
  • Employee reward and incentive programs
  • Club and Association Ordering
  • Coordinating multiple locations
  • Saving money with batch ordering
  • Lots more...


It's easy to setup your business's, group's or organization's online site.  Call us 520-544-0529 or Email us.

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